What does Pre Order means? Pre Order means the item is yet to be released or still in production. The estimated release date is provided for each item.
How can I order? Order via our website, View and Add to Cart any of the product you want to purchase and follow the Checkout flow.
I can't find your pre order item on your Shopee page. All Pre Order reservations are via our website. Items will only be posted on Shopee/Lazada once item is on hand.
Do I need to create an account for me to complete an order?  Account is optional for checkout but is recommended. This way you can view history of your purchases more easily.
Can I change my completed order? No, orders once submitted can be change. If you want to add more items, please submit a new order.
For pre-order, can I only pay the deposit to reserve? Yes, for pre-orders you are only required to pay the minimum deposit to secure your reservation and get the pre-order discount. Your deposit will be deducted from the pre-order price once item arrives.
I ordered an In stock item, when will I receive my order? Order processing for In stock items will take 2-7 working days.
I want to order an In stock item but I want it via other platforms (ex. Shopee/Lazada/FB via Lalamove/Grab). Visit our Shopee and Lazada pages to order through this e-commerce platforms. Updated links to our shops can be found in the footer. All items are subject to availability.

Shopee: https://shp.ee/bkscw7x
Lazada: https://bit.ly/3vgrqFv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dendenotakushop/
I ordered a pre-order item, when will I receive my order? How will I know if my pre-ordered item arrived?

The estimated item arrival is not guaranteed and delays due to various reason is common for pre-orders.

Rest assured that once item has arrived, we will immediately reach out to you to proceed with the checkout/delivery steps.

Wait for our notification, we will also post new arrivals on our Facebook page. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for latest updates on pre-orders.

I ordered an item after the pre-order period, is my pre-order valid?

Some pre-order items have additional stock and may still be available after the defined pre-order period. If you were able to checkout a pre-order item, your pre-order is still valid. You can reach out to us via any of the channels for further confirmation.



What are the accepted mode of payment? We accept Credit Card (via Paypal), Paypal, Bank Transfer, Gcash and Paymaya. For Bank Transfer, Gcash and PayMaya you will be required to provide the proof of payment and upload to the provided link to confirm your order. If proof of payment is not received within 3 days of ordering, your order will be considered void.
Where can I find the payment details? Payment details such as bank account, Gcash/PayMaya numbers can be found at the end of the checkout process and at the Payment Account Information found at the main menu or footer.
Is there a transaction Fee for any of the payment methods? Paypal and Credit Card via Paypal will incur a 2% + 15php transaction fee. This fee will be included in your shipping fee billing information sent out prior to scheduling the shipping.

For Gcash via 7/11 Kiosk, a 1% is required to cover the transaction Fee. Please include the 1% fee on top of your total payment.

Bank transfer fees will be deducted to you directly by the bank merchants. For BPI, please use the QR code provided in the Payment Information page to avoid paying the transaction fee.
I received notification that my pre-order has arrived, how long can I pay before my pre-order is forfeited? You have 7 days to settle your balance. If payment for the balance is not received within this period, your order and deposit will be forfeited.
I uploaded my proof of payment as instructed, how will I know if you received my payment? Payments is reviewed before the end of each business day. You will receive a confirmation email that your payment has been received. If payment is uploaded after business hours, validation will be done on the next business day.




My pre-order has yet to arrive, can I request for refund of my deposit?

Deposits are non-refundable, pre-order arrival date is only estimate and not guaranteed. Deposits are non-refundable, pre-order arrival date is only estimate and not guaranteed. Deposits are only refundable when manufacturer stops the production of the pre-ordered item.

In the event the pre-ordered item is delayed, we cannot refund the down payment. Only when the pre order is cancelled by the supplier that we can only issue a refund.

I uploaded my proof of payment as instructed, how will I know if you received my payment? Items damaged due to courier mishandling (regardless of checkout channel) cannot be refunded. You can avail of additional fee for protection for direct to courier deliveries. For Shopee/Lazada, please coordinate directly with the respective Customer Service. We will assist you such as providing screenshots of item prior to delivery.
Can I refund my downpayment?

Downpayment is by default non refundable and non transferrable.

Refund of downpayment is only allowed under the ff. conditions:

1. The item pre ordered is subject to allocation and the supplier will not be able to serve your pre-order. Subject to allocation means the manufacturer ships a limited quantity of an item per market.

2. We were unable to secure a pre order slot from our supplier due to several reasons not limited to limited pre order slots from manufacturer, items lost in transit.




For In stock items, do you have same day shipping? Shipping for In stock will take 2-7 working days depending on the shipping provider selected.
I want to order an In Stock item but I want to get the cheapest Shipping Fee, what will you recommend? Generally, shipping fee via Shopee/Lazada are cheaper even with the additional fee as compared to direct to couriers (ex. LBC, Gogo, Lalamove). This is even more true for delivery outside of Metro Manila. Check the In stock items on our Shopee and Lazada pages to compare shipping fees.
IF I select Pick up for shipping, can I pick up on the same day? Pick up is subject to schedule and staff availability. Please reach out to us via messenger and provide your order # for faster coordination.
Packaging Fee

Packaging fee will be added for shipping via Gogo Express and LBC on top of item balance and Shipping Fee. Packaging is required for these shipping option to lessen probability of damage to items due to mishandling during shipping. Any damage caused by mishandling is not subject for refund from our shop. We can provide assistance with the refund from the shipping provider if necessary.



Can I ship my items together?

Yes, we can hold the item for you with no additional fee but we will request for full payment of every item that arrived. We can ship together all your items once the last item is on hand. Please take note that for Shopee, in an event the parcel is lost, you will only get a refund for the amount you paid (balance of the last item) and we will not be able to shoulder replacement cost for the items.